Sport Match no rise 5° down angle.

For racing use, LSL developed an extremely light clip-on handlebar. We can build these clip-ons so light because of the special construction and by using high quality material. The clamp holds the handle with 2 bolts which completely secure the tube. Even if the bolts are not properly tightened the tube cannot fall out. The Sport-match clip-ons are especially useful for racing because the clamp and tube are 2 separate parts.

In case of a damaged tube due to a crash, you can easily replace them. The tubes are available in several colors which, together with the silver anodized clamps, give a nice contrast. 
Although these clip-ons are extremely light, they can still live up to the tough German TUV regulations. For all common sport bikes a model specific TUV approval is available.

Offset High 1.5" rise 5° down angle

Always in control; improve your seating position and riding comfort that is not normally common with modern sport bikes. Especially on Super Sport Bikes, the position of the handlebars is quite controversial for use on the street. Help comes from our "Offset High" clip-on handlebars. Like no other clip-on, the patented design improves the handlebar position radically.
The clip-ons are machined from billet aluminum and bring the handlebars over the top triple clamp and together with the 5º down angle they create an ideal riding position. Choose between different fork diameters to match them to your bike. The handlebars are available in silver, black, gold, blue, red and titanium.