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Brake Rotors

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  1. Clip-Floater Kit 14mm
    Part: 50-10004-99
    Floater button kit, full lfloating, stainless steel Learn More
  2. Clip-Floater loose 14mm
    Part: 50-00306-41

    13.85mm diameter, 5.8mm depth, Stainless Steel

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  3. Spring washer
    Part: 09-03309-41

    14.3 x 20 x 0.3mm, 0.3mm thick

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  4. Stand. Floater Kit 14mm
    Part: 50-10301-99
    Floater button kit, full floating, aluminum hard anodized Learn More
  5. Benzing clip
    Part: 09-03314-41

    10mm groove diameter, stainless steel

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The completely new design of the ABM Peak EVO stainless steel outer ring now absorbs heat even more quickly and efficiently than traditional brake discs.

The edges of the v-formed heat pockets enable optimum cleaning and removal of dampness from the pads. Together with its CNC milled aluminum inner ring it is one of the lightest brake discs on the market today.

Outer Ring

  • Curved contours and recesses optimize self-cleaning and ensures equal wear of the brake pads
  • The special shape provides maximum surface area which eliminates deformation even at extreme temperatures


  • Enable axial movement of the external ring allowing expansion and contraction of the brake disc without deforming
  • Hard-anodized aluminum

Internal Ring

  • Very light and made from high-strength billet aluminum
  • Anodized, titanium colored surface
  • Made in Germany

Motorcycle Application

ABM Stainless Steel Brake Rotors

Ultra lightweight stainless steel rotor, with titanium anodized aluminum Floaters & Carrier.

New design stainless steel rotor. This ABM rotor uses a new proprietary blend of stainless steel that performs as well as iron, with all the benefits of stainless. Couple this with an all new ultra lightweight design carrier, and you have a new benchmark in motorcycle braking performance. Available now in full floating configurations for most popular sport bikes.

FloaterHard anodized aluminum floater, semi or full floating to allow for expansion and contraction of the rotor and carrier. This also allows for axial and radial movement of the rotor. All of this results in a better braking response by compensating for brake disc and carrier movement.

Carrier CNC-machined, high grade aluminum, titanium anodized. 
New rear rotor from ABM; stainless steel available for most popular sport bikes.