Scrambler by Spiegler

Scrambler by Spiegler

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  1. Booster Handlebar, Superbike
    Part: 100773-F15

    Booster Superbike Bar, 1-1/8" clamping diameter, aluminum, black

    Learn More
  2. Handlebar End, Flat Caps
    Part: Z135-005SW

    Aluminum, Fits 14mm ID Bars, Black, Flat Caps

    Learn More
  3. Ignition relocation kit
    Part: Z728T024SW
    Ignition lock relocation kit, righthand side, Triumph, black Learn More
  4. LSL Brake and Clutch Fluid Reservoir bracket
    Part: Z243-H82
    LSL brake fluid reservoir mounting bracket Learn More
  5. Micro 1000 Dark LED Blinker
    Part: K142.100
    Dual LED blinker, black body, dark lens, with Kellermann HighPower LED Technology Learn More
  6. mo.tri
    Part: MG1051112

    mo.tri 2011 Scrambler Signal Converter

    Learn More
  7. mo.tri
    Part: MG1051412

    mo.tri 2014 Scrambler Signal Converter

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  8. mo.tri
    Part: MG1051312

    mo.tri 2013 Scrambler Signal Converter

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  9. Motoscope classic 10K
    Part: MG2003050
    black housing, black bezel Adapter Learn More
  10. msc Bracket Triumph
    Part: Z723TC24SW
    Instrument bracket for motogadget's Classic / Chronoclassic, fits selected Triumph triple clamps, black Learn More
  11. msc outer cup A
    Part: MG2008010
    Outer Mounting Cup msc A, black Adapter Learn More
  12. Push Button Kit M12
    Part: MG9003050
    Black, M12 momentary push button with bracket Learn More

Items 1-12 of 18

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For the Barber Vintage Festival we got a little busy and came up with this creation: The Spiegler Clubman Scrambler.

We added plenty of LSL and motogadget items as well as a few Ohlins components. The fuel mapping got updated and the bike runs great. The handling with the new LSL triple clamps is just fantastic. Stopping power improved with our 8 piston brake caliper tremendously.

Check this beauty out and let us know if you have any questions.

Spiegler Clubman Scrambler