Crash Protection

Crash Protection

Crash Protection

Most Popular Products in Crash Protection
  1. LSL Crash Pads
    Part: Z551-002SW-PT

    Left & Right Side PT Plastic Crash Pads, Black

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  2. LSL Crash Pads
    Part: Z551-002RT
    Left & Right Side Billet Aluminum Crash Pads, Red Learn More
  3. LSL Crash Pad Insert / Right
    Part: Z554-SP2/R

    Black insert, right side

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  4. LSL Crash Pad Insert / Left
    Part: Z554-SP2/L

    Black insert, left side

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  5. Frame Slider Mounting Kit
    Part: Z550K136.1

    Kawasaki ZX-10R Billet Aluminum Mounting Kit, No Fairing Cutting

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Spiegler Performance Parts offers an assortment of LSL components to help reduce the possibility of damage in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident. 

High quality crash pads and mounting kits aid in protecting the engine and frame. Axle sliders help protect the front and rear axles.  A clutch ball protector is available for select models. Handlebar-end crash pads protect the handlebar and grips. (Handlebar crash balls can be found under Handlebar Accessories in the Controls section)