BMW Craft-Bar

in LSL

BMW Craft-Bar

in LSL
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Part #:Z129AC02MB
Project Difficulty:1/5
Make: LSL
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Remarks: Fits new BMW Models
Rise: 4"
Pullback: 6 3/4"
Width: 31.42"
Handlebar Diameter: 7/8" (22.15mm)
Handlebar Material: Aluminum
Handlebar Type: BMW Handlebar
Color: Bead Blasted Black

Craft-Bar, 32mm, aluminum, black bead blasted

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Craft-Bar handlebar with 32mm diameter at the clamping area / 22.2mm at the handlebar control ends for the new BMW Models.

Craft-Bar - the name says it all.
This new LSL handlebar with 32mm in the area with the highest loading, offers twice the bending resistance of a standard 22mm handlebar.
These handlebars fit the new 2015 and up BMW models such as the S1000XR, the R1200R and R1200S. It does not fit the R9T!
The bar gives less flexibility and offers more tensile strength in all extreme situations.

The Craft-Bar is 15mm lower and 30mm wider than the S1000XR stock handlebar.

LSL takes extreme care in the manufacture of its aluminum bars.
After tests together with an university LSL decided on a specially made aluminum raw material that resists a bending load by more than 60% over the required German standard.
At the same time its high tensile strength leads to flexing but never breaking.
For this quality LSL Superbike handlebars have achieved the German TÜV approval.

Color: Black Bead Blasted
Material: aluminum 2014 T6, anodized
Clamping diameter at riser clamps: 32 mm
Bar end outer diameter: 22.2 mm
Bar end inner diameter: 14 mm