LSL Bar End Mirror Adapter

in LSL

LSL Bar End Mirror Adapter

in LSL
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Part #:Z165-LV3SW
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any
Remarks: For LSL Gonia Bar End Mirror and other
LSL 7/8" Bar end extension & mirror adapters, fit 18-19mm ID steel handlebars
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Handlebar mirror adapter, pair. LSL handlebar end mirror Z131-E014SW / SI fits nicely.

These adapter allow you to mount a set of bar end mirrors without the need of moving your controls on the handlebar. The outside diameter is 25.4mm (1") and it is 20mm long.

It fits in any handlebar with an inside diameter of 18-19mm.

Suitable for all LSL handlebars: Z123L...; Z162A...; Z163L...