Heat Shrink Tubing Thin-Walled 1:2

Heat Shrink Tubing Thin-Walled 1:2

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Part #:HW-SH2
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany

Black Heat Shrink Tubing, 50mm in length

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Heat Shrink Tubing 

High quality heat shrink tubing for general motorcycle and workshop use. Coolride uses this quality product for the manufacturing of their power control units.

• 50 mm pieces
• Crosslinked polyolefin
• Black, matte
• Thin-walled
• Shrink Ratio 1: 2
• Longitudinal shrinkage: max. 10%
• Flexible
• Flame retardant according to VW-1
• Operating temperature: -67 °F - +257 °F
• Min. Shrinking temperature: 158 °F
• Shrink temperature for complete shrinkage: 212 °F
• ROHS compliant