Special Adhesive

Special Adhesive

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Part #:HW-0001
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany

2-component adhesive in double cartridge for heating cartridges

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Special Adhesive

This 2-component adhesive is used to glue the heating cartridges into the handlebars. It is also good for gluing the grips onto the handlebar, if they are not already glued from the factory.

Furthermore, it can also be used well as a universal construction adhesive because it combines a wide range of adhesive properties with high temperature resistance and a tough, hard finish. Thanks to the double cartridge with the enclosed mixing tube, the adhesive is very easy to use. The mixed adhesive is applied directly & cleanly on the splice.

• Process time about 5 minutes
• Hand-tight after approx. 30 minutes
• Cured after 3 hours

All times given at room temperature (68 - 77°F).

Spare mixing nozzles are available separately.


Clean surfaces of grease, dust and dirt. Attach the enclosed mixing nozzle, lock and discard the first 2 mm of pressed-out adhesive. Then glue and fix parts until the bonding parts are hand-tight. Store in a cool and dry place. Please also note the information and notes in the safety data sheets.

Safety Data Sheet Component 1
Safety Data Sheet Component 2About the Options:

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