80's style LSL Headlight - Chrome

80's style LSL Headlight - Chrome

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Part #:Z730K009
Project Difficulty:1/5
Model: *Any
Remarks: Head Light, 7" diameter, black/chrome
Application Type: Headlight
Headlight type: Single Headlight
Color/Finish: Chrome
Eighties style low profile headlight, 7" diameter, black finish
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80’s style Headlight by LSL

Neon colors and out of control hair bands may signify the 80’s, that is unless you are a motorcycle racing aficionado.  Any worthy superbike of the day had a slammed back headlight or a faring on the front.  The 80’s style headlight from LSL features a back cover with two depressions that cradle the fork tubes allowing the headlight to be set back into the forks for a more aero superbike look.

The black metal shell contains two horizontal internal M8 (1.25 thread pitch) mounting tabs spaced at 7.9 inches and one M8 internal mounting tab located at the very bottom of the headlight.  The chrome outer ring measuring 7.9 inches features an external screw for left and right beam adjustment.  The powerful H4 60/55 watt bulb bright enough for a 24 hour endurance race lights the way via the reflective inner prism utilizing a clear lens.  Now if the skies should open up and you don’t believe in a rain delay the internal rubber boot will keep the bulb dry and working through the night.

If you need to get out of Thunderdome let the LSL 80’s style headlight lead the way!

Wire Connections


White = Low Beam

overall diameter 7.3"

Blue = High Beam

lens diameter 6.5"

Green = Ground

mounting tab width 7.9"

Brown = 12v Parking light

overall depth 5.5 "

Black = Ground

wire hole diameter 2"