Micro 1000 Dark DF Blinker

Micro 1000 Dark DF Blinker

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Part #:K143.100
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any
Remarks: LED Blinker with Dark Lens, tail / brake light; black, sold individually
Position: Rear
LED blinker with tail light and brake light function, black body, dark lens
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Micro 1000 DF Dark (2 LED) with M8 x 20 thread, flexible mount and dark Lens, black Body

  • Made in Germany
  • ECE-tested for rear
  • Replaces the existing brake/rear light as well as the blinker
  • Sensational new rear look
  • Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • High quality metal housing
  • Suitable for 12 Volt applications
  • Replaceable flexible rubber adapter which protects the blinker from vibration damage and vandalism
  • Available in black (K143.100)
  • Not DOT approved in US, for show purposes only!

Our innovative blinker-brake-rear light combination in the stylish micro 1000 housing makes it possible to take a new direction when individualizing the rear of your bike. The original tail light is not needed anymore. The characteristically bright double rear lights of the micro 1000 DF Dark set new standards. Using our proven and tested High Power LED Technology with IC-operated Long Life Protection Gard® system, the compact housing of the micro 1000 DF Dark blinker-brake-rear light combination unit means reduced weight on all motorcycle models*.

* model specific blinker frequency versions are available, based on a load independent relay (K123.970) or power resistors

Not DOT approved, for show purposes only in the US