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  1. Mityvac Vacuum Pump MV 6870
    Part: MV 6870

    Brake and clutch bleeding, compressed air operated, 1.3 qt reservoir

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  2. Mityvac Hand Vacuum Pump MV 8000
    Part: MV 8000

    For manual brake and clutch bleeding

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  3. Mityvac 8" Locking Hose Clamp
    Part: MVA 7607

    Length 6”, angled jaws, clamps up to 1” (25 mm) in dia., up to 50 lbs force

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  4. Brake Line Fitting Alignment Tool
    Part: 20-10001-99
    Pair of Clamps, Rod and Alignment Instructions Learn More

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MV 8000 Hand vacuum/pressure pump

This is the original Mityvac hand vacuum pump kit used by service professionals worldwide for performing hundreds of automotive diagnostic and mechanical tests and for one-person brake bleeding. The MV8000 kit contains our most popular Selectline hand vacuum pump with vacuum gauge and accessories. Kit includes:

  • 4.5 oz. (135 ml) fluid reservoir bottle with fluid transfer and storage lids
  • (3) Tapered adapters for connecting to tubing from 0.09" to 0.2" ID(2.3 mm to 5 mm ID)
  • (2) Universal bleed screw adapters
  • 5/32" ID x 1/4" (4 mm ID x 6.4 mm) tubing adapter
  • 1/4" ID x 1 1/2" long (6.4 mm ID x 40 mm long) connection tube
  • 5/32" ID x 3" long (4 mm ID x 75 mm long) connection tube
  • 1/4" ID x 3 5/8" long (6.4 mm ID x 90 mm long) connection tube
  • 1/4" ID x 24" long (6.4 mm ID x 610 mm long) connection tube
  • User manual - English, French, Spanish, German

MV 6830 The professional grade tool

The compressed-air-operated MV6830 offers professional grade brake and clutch bleeding performance. This compact yet powerful unit bleeds up to 2 quarts per minute, and its simple operation allows clean, quick bleeding of brake and clutch lines. Kit includes an advanced selection of accessories that ensure maximum convenience and performance for greater productivity. Kit includes:

Brake bleeder

  • 6" (1.8 m) long bleed hose assembly
  • 4" (1.2 m) long fluid evacuation hose
  • Molded base with screws for bench mounting
  • Automatic fluid refill kit
  • 1/4" ID x 1 1/2" long (6.4 mm ID x 40 mm long) connection tube
  • Hanging hook
  • 3 Universal bleed screw adapters
  • User manual - English, French, Spanish, German

MV 6870 The reasonable priced tool

The compressed-air-operated MV6870 offers high quality and performance in a robust compact design. It features a 1.3-quart reservoir and powerful compressed-air-operated venturi that quickly draws out fluid and air from hydraulic brake and clutch systems. With the MV6870 one person can perform quick, clean vacuum brake and clutch bleeding.

This affordable tool is a perfect fit for everyone who does brake or clutch bleeding jobs on a regular basis.

Kit includes:

Brake bleeder

  • Compact 1.3 quart (1.2 Liter) capacity reservoir
  • Comfortable lever-action throttle with lock-on latch
  • Durable, molded composite handle can take heavy abuse and has minimum number of parts to wear or break
  • Automatic shut-off prevents overfill
  • Integrated hanging hook doubles as a hose wrap for convenient storage
  • 4' (1.2m) long bleed hose with molded support
  • Universal bleed screw adapter conforms to most common bleed screw sizes
  • Integrated mufflers insures quite operation
  • includes two replacement bleed screw adapter
Mityvac 6870

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