mo.unit blue

mo.unit blue

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  1. mo.unit blue
    Part: MG4002040

    Digital control unit with Bluetooth functions

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  2. mo.button
    Part: MG4002032

    Simplifies wiring from handlebars to mo.unit

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  3. mo.unit cable kit
    Part: MG4002031

    Multiple gauge wiring kit for mo.unit

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  4. mo.unit battery cable with fuse
    Part: MG4002042

    mo.unit battery cable kit with 40 A fuse

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  5. mo.unit battery cable without fuse
    Part: MG4002038

    mo.unit battery cable kit without fuse

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  6. Replacement Fuse 40 A
    Part: MG4002037

    Fuse 40 A

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  7. mo.unit terminal kit
    Part: MG4002039

    mo.unit terminal kit

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7 Items

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Make Your Bike Smart!

The new mo.unit blue is an improved version of the tried and true m.unit by undergoing significant development and improvements.

The geniuses from Motogadget are at it again introducing their new mo.unit blue with modern Bluetooth® LE functionality. Acting as the heart of the entire on-board electrical system, the m.unit blue is the digital control unit for your bike. Operated by push buttons or conventional handlebar switches, it controls all necessary components on the vehicle and is a complete replacement for all OEM fuses. The new mo.unit blue is an improved version of the tried and true m.unit V.2.

In conjunction with the mo.ride App you can manage the entire menu setup and alarm system via smart phone. Fault diagnostics can also be performed during operation and without having to remove the m.unit blue. The secure, encrypted Keyless Go function, when activated, turns on the vehicle’s on-board electrical system when approaching the bike with your smart phone.


The  mo.Unit blue can be used with or without the Bluetooth function

 The mo.ride App is available for iPhone from iOS 10 / Android from 8.0 (compatibility may be limited due to manufacturer)

Further information on the App can be found at or in Google Play and iTunes.















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