mo.unit basic

mo.unit basic

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  1. mo.unit cable kit
    Part: MG4002031

    Multiple gauge wiring kit for mo.unit

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  2. mo.button
    Part: MG4002032

    Simplifies wiring from handlebars to mo.unit

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  3. mo.unit battery cable with fuse
    Part: MG4002042

    mo.unit battery cable kit with 40 A fuse

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  4. mo.unit battery cable without fuse
    Part: MG4002038

    mo.unit battery cable kit without fuse

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  5. Replacement Fuse 40 A
    Part: MG4002037

    Fuse 40 A

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  6. mo.unit Ground Distributor
    Part: MG4002041

    mo.unit Ground Distributor 

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  7. mo.unit terminal kit
    Part: MG4002039

    mo.unit terminal kit

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8 Items

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The mo.unit basic is the new digital control unit from Motogadget based on the reputable m.unit V.2. Undergoing significant development and improvements, it is now equipped with 12 inputs, 10 outputs, and replaceable high-quality cable clamps. The m.unit basic is made of a newly designed high-performance thermosetting plastic and is resistant to moisture, heat, cold, and vibrations. Microprocessor-operated and supervised circuits guarantee the highest reliability. In case of failure, such as a short circuit, the connection circuit affected is instantly shut down. All switching activities are performed by state-of-the-art semiconductor switches in a fast, wear-free and almost loss free way. No other devices, relays, boxes or units as part of the wiring harness are therefore necessary. A complete wiring of the vehicle can be performed with minimal time, materials and effort. Compared to conventional solutions, only a fraction of the space and cables are needed.

The mo.unit basic and mo.unit blue are the replacement for the discontinued m.unit V2.

The m.unit can act as the central control unit in the vehicle’s electrical system. It provides the following features:

  • Complete digital pushbutton control unit; optional 4 or 5 pushbutton operation
  • Complete replacement of all OEM fuses. 10 independent circuits are digitally supervised; a circuit will be shut down in case of interferences. On removing the interference, the safety feature will be automatically reset
  • Integrated, digital, load-independent flasher relay; with programmable switch-off feature (optional), selectable mo.wave mode
  • Direction indicator setting for use as position light
  • Parking light, high beam flasher
  • Integrated digital brake-light modulator with programmable flashing sequence, acceleration controlled emergency brake-light
  • Pairing of mo.unit with other Motogadget products via LIN bus
  • Integrated starter relay for solenoid switch (up to 30A switching capacity)
  • Smart and fully configurable load control / shut-off for maximum starting power of battery on starting process
  • Low and high beam control (up to 200W switching power) using just one pushbutton
  • Integrated digital horn relay
  • Integrated position-independent alarm system
  • Integrated hazard light feature
  • Diagnostic feature for layout of input, output, circuit switching status plus diagnosis of electrical circuit, short-circuits, etc.
  • Two fully configurable auxiliary outputs AUX1 and AUX2
  • Calibration and current monitoring allows defect detection of all lights and blinkers

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