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  1. Bracket original tail light/indicators Triumph
    Part: 105691-F15

    Replacement bracket OE tail light and blinker, black

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  2. Cover Chain Guard
    Part: 106461-F15

    Cover for original chain guard, billet aluminum

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  3. Cover Caliper
    Part: 106470-F15

    Cover for rear caliper, billet aluminum

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  4. Horn Relocation Kit
    Part: 106471-F26

    Horn Relocation kit behind radiator

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  5. Fork End Caps for Upper Fork Tubes
    Part: 106472-F15

    Fork Caps for Triumph

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  6. Cover Sprocket
    Part: 106473-F15

    Cover for original sprocket, billet aluminum

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  7. Cover for Side Reflectors
    Part: 106474-F15

    Cover for side reflectors, billet aluminum

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  8. Ignition Relocation Kit
    Part: 106475-F15

    Ignition lock relocation kit for left engine side, billet aluminum

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  9. LED-Mini-Blinker 'littleOne'
    Part: 106479-F15

    LED-Mini-Blinker 'littleOne' self adhesive

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  10. Cover Front Axle
    Part: 106480-F15

    Cover for front axle left & right, billet aluminum

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  11. Front Fender, Steel
    Part: 106481-F33

    Front fender 19" incl. mounting kit

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  12. Cover upper fork legs, including LED-Mini-Blinker 'littleOne' 041mm
    Part: 106482-F24

    Cover for upper fork legs Ø41 mm including LED-Mini Blinker 'littleone', billet aluminum,
    Pair, Black

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Items 1-12 of 56

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