Most Popular Products in motogadget
  1. mo.unit blue
    Part: MG4002040

    Digital control unit with Bluetooth functions

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  2. motoscope pro
    Part: MG1005030
    Digital dashbaord, 734 LEDs - governed by a 16-bit RISC processor Learn More
  3. mo.blaze disc Right Black
    Part: MG6002022
    Black, LED bar end turn signal, Right Learn More
  4. mo.blaze disc Left Black
    Part: MG6002021
    Black, LED bar end turn signal, Left Learn More
  5. motoscope mini (msm)
    Part: MG3002010

    Digital gauge, black housing

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Motogadget - quality instruments made in Germany

As the US importer, SPIEGLER PERFORMANCE PARTS offers the whole selection of Motogadget gauges and instruments for your projects.

Motogadget instruments are unique for their technical innovation and quality. From their ultra-miniaturized instruments, to their new ideas (e.g. m-Lock - digital ignition lock), motogadget products offer cutting edge technology with long-term reliability.

Whether you are building a modern streetfighter or restoring a vintage bike, we have gauges that cover all types of applications. Choose from the the new Motoscope Pro with its race inspired modern digital design, the Motoscope Vintage with its antiqued display or any of the other designs available from Motogadget.  We have the gauges you need to finish the bike of your dreams.

Made in Germany

If you experience any issues placing an order, please call us at (937) 291-1735.