mo.unit cable kit

mo.unit cable kit

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Part #:MG4002031
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any

Multiple gauge wiring kit for mo.unit

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 mo.unit cable kit

The mo.unit cable kit is a ready-made set of various cables to aid in the assembly of a wiring harness. The different cable diameters and colors are ideally suited for applications in connection with the mo.unit blue and mo.unit basic .  This cable kit consists of top grade copper-strand cables and will help you doing quick work of creating a new wiring harness..

The kit also includes several cable ties and ferrules.


Kit includes the following

Color Cable Diam. Length [M]
brown 2,5 mm² 5
black 2,5 mm² 4
blue 2,5 mm² 2
white 1,5 mm² 4
red 1,5 mm² 2
yellow 1,5 mm² 4
orange 1,5 mm² 4
green 1,5 mm² 2
violet 1,5 mm² 2
white 0,5 mm² 2
blue 0,5 mm² 2
red 0,5 mm² 2
yellow 0,5 mm² 2
green 0,5 mm² 2
orange 0,5 mm² 2
violet 0,5 mm² 2
brown 0,5 mm² 2

Cable ties - small 15
Cable ties - large 15
Small ferrules 10
Medium ferrules 10
Large ferrules 10

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