Bullet 1000 RB Tail & Brake Light

Bullet 1000 RB Tail & Brake Light

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Part #:K186.100
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any
Remarks: LED Tail & Brake Light, rear, chrome, sold individually
Position: Rear
Color/Finish: Black

Classic Bullet look LED tail light, chrome body with homogeneous light ring

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Classic meets Hightech
The Bullet 1000® was created with a clear goal: An indicator with the classic bullet look and a classy Kellermann design, but equipped with modern LED technology. A newly developed light technology (Kellermann-HPT®) creates a homogenous ring of light. Design quality is not only a question of shape and surfaces but also a result of the complete look and feel when the lights are on. The premium quality metal housing with a maximum diameter of 39 mm is like a jewel on the motorcycle. It is available in chrome and black The Bullet 1000® works with any sophisticated bike design. The Bullet 1000® comes in five different technical versions: Extreme turn signal, turn signal with yellow running light, turn signals with white daytime running light, turn signal with rear and brake light and as a tail & brake light only.

Bullet 1000 DF
The Bullet 1000® DF is a rear indicator in combination with a rear and brake light function. It replaces the existing indicators, brake and rear light. The light of the continuously glowing red rings give the tail of the motorcycle a spectacular look**. When braking, the light circle of the brake light shines strong and clear, the clear message to the following traffic is: Keep your distance. The Bullet 1000® DF at the tail and the Bullet 1000® PL, Bullet 1000® PL white or Bullet 1000® Extreme in the front are the perfect combination for your motorcycle.*

* Electrical accessories may be required to match indicators signal frequency.
** Combination out of the IC operated Longlife Protection Guard system with high-performance-LEDs latest type of construction.

  • Replaces the existing brake/rear light
  • Unique and homogeneous light ring
  • High quality water tight metal housing
  • Kellermann High Power LED Technology
  • Long Life Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
  • Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
  • Chrome or Black body
  • M8x20 mounting stud
  • Made in Germany
  • 5 year warranty

Not DOT approved, for show purposes only in the US

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