Atto Turn Signal Dark (Smoke Lense)

Atto Turn Signal Dark (Smoke Lense)

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Part #:K153.100
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any
Year: *Any
Remarks: Atto LED Blinker, M5 x 0.5, Smoke Lens, Black Body, Not DOT approved, Show purposes only!
Position: Front & Rear
Color/Finish: Black

The smallest and brightest Blinker on Planet Earth! Black Body, Smoke Lense

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Our exceptionally compact indicator with maximum illuminating power

With the Atto® we made the almost impossible possible: This turn signalis extremely small and spectacularly bright at the same time. Compact and illuminating power: With this combination the Atto® is a real sensation!

This is our most compact indicator ever. For comparison: The light surface of the Atto® would fit four times on a 1 Cent coin! This consequent reduction offers completely new styling options for the motorcycle. In fact, the  Atto® basically disappears on the motorcycle. This iturn signal will only grab your attention when it really has to!

The Atto® flashes with the intensity that has made the products of Kellermann legendary and our company over and over again a trend setter in this segment. This turn signal offers maximum illuminating power at minimal size, in short: sensationally small, spectacularly bright! We advise not to look for too long into the beam of this little power house.

The optimized light channeling is managed through a smart system on lenses and reflectors. Apart from the known Kellermann HighPower LED technology, the Atto® uses the new EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency technology for the first time.

The complete electronics of the Atto® are in the casing, this turn signal can be plugged into the 12 volt net directly. Electronical accessories may be required to match indicators signal frequency. Combination out of the IC operated Longlife Protection Guard® system with high-performance-LEDs latest type of construction. ECE-tested for front and rear


• Sensationally small, spectacularly bright
• EXtranz® - Extreme Optical Transparency Technology
• Kellermann HighPower LED Technology
• Longlife Protection Guard®, IC operated, 330 kHz
• High quality metal housing
• Suitable for 12 volt DC applications
• With M5x0,5x6,5 fastening screw
• European design protection


Length 14mm, max. diameter 10mm, glass diameter 7,8mm

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