Manual & Downloads

Here you will find manuals, drawings and further information for the product family.Please regard the serial no. of your product, if there are more than one manuals for each product.Usually you will find the serial no. on a label with a bar code at the backside.
Manual for instruments starting
from serial no. 00000003

Motoscope tiny

mst vintage

Manual for all former instruments

Motoscope tiny

Motoscope mst speedtester

Motoscope mst vintage

ABE/TUV approval (German)

ABE series tiny

Drawings & files

Outlines, dimensions series tiny

Manuals for accessories and brackets

mst streamline cup

mst groovev cup

mst vintagecup

General references for speedo
calibration and speedo sensors

Table of tyre circumferences

compatibility list of known original speedo sensors (OEM)

Advise to install and adjust the Inductiv Proximity Sensors (M8)

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