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Part #:MG4000009
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any

12V, 1-100W Flasher Relay

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The PLUS is where it's at!
The mo.relay+ purposefully combines a load independent digital flasher relay and electronic push-button controller.

Depending on how long the respective turn signal push-button is activated, 4 different operating modes are available:

• Change of lane: Short tap on push-button - blink 3x and automatic switch-off
• Turn: Pressing push-button shortly - blink 10x and automatic switch-off
• Continuous flashing: Pressing push-button longer - switching off only after pressing the push-button repeatedly
• The mo.relay+ is equipped with a hazard flasher function - activated by pressing both push-buttons simultaneously

The mo.relay+ is load independent (1-100 W) and provides a constant flasher frequency to almost all models of LED, micro or halogen turn signal lights as well as 10 or 21 W light bulbs. Immediate, loss free and brighter illumination results from the effective microelectronic.

The light and compact aluminum casing is anodized black and features a M3 mounting thread. Removable mounting with cable ties is also possible. Ideal for mods and custom bikes with restricted mounting space. The electronics are water-tight, vibration resistant and are equipped with an overload protection.
Attention: If you are looking for a flasher relay WITHOUT push-button controls please refer to our mo.flash or mo.wave series!
Attention: If you are looking for a flasher relay WITHOUT push-button controls but with automatic deactivation please refer to our mo.stop series!
Attention: If you are looking for fully featured push-button controls with lots of additional features, please refer to our mo.unit series!


Diameter 20mm (without cable), height 21.5mm


• very compact, light and easy to mount
• ideal for custom bikes and mods with little mounting space - bulky conventional relays or load resistors are a thing of the past
• no additional push-button control unit necessary
• intuitive time control and automatic deactivation
• almost load independent (min. 1 Watt)
• completely implemented using digital semiconductor technology. microprocessor controlled No mechanical workings, no spools, no electrical contacts
• consistantly constant and correct flasher frequency and suited for almost all LED turn signal lights, all micro and halogen turn signal lights as well as all 10-watts and 21-watts turn signal lights
• e. g. works with 4 turn signal lights or 2 handle bar end turn signal lights
• immediate loss free and brighter illumination of all turn signal lights
• completely water tight and vibration resistant because of the molded-in construction
• short circuit proof, automatic overload protection, switches power up to 100 W.
• no heat generation while operating
• only 5 - 18 V operating voltage required
• quality 'made in Germany' - by motogadget

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