motoscope pro Harley Davidson Plug & Ride instrument

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motoscope pro Harley Davidson Plug & Ride instrument

in motogadget
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Part #:MG1005101
Project Difficulty:1/5
Make: Harley-Davidson
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any

BigTwin from 2011 and Sportster from 2014

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motoscope proHarley Davidson Plug & Ride instruments
For BigTwin from 2011 and Sportster from 2014

As a plug & ride version, the motoscope pro is pre-mounted in a handlebar clamping plate and equipped with the appropriate plug.

The replacement is extremely simple and can be carried out in 10 minutes without any prior technical knowledge.

Simply disconnect the plug of the original instrument, loosen the four screws of the handlebar clamp, screw on the motoscope pro with the bracket and plug the connector into the OBD socket under the seat.

No changes to the vehicle are necessary. No further adjustments to the instrument or additional accessories are necessary.

Dismantling is possible at any time.

The motoscope is operated identically to the original instrument via the menu button on the handlebars.

The original fuel gauge cannot be displayed via the motoscope pro.

Parts Included

  • motoscope Pro with 120cm connection cable and matching OBD plug
  • pre-assembled vehicle bracket with screws

Harley Davidson Plug & Ride instruments

Our most innovative instrument, the motoscope pro, is now available as a plug & ride version for Harley Davidson models, BigTwin from 2011 and Sportster from 2014.

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