Spiegler Racing Foot pegs

By Matthias Schaub

Aug 6, 2014

With our racing history we decided we wanted to improve on the foot pegs we currently offer here at Spiegler.  During our many years of racing we found that some pegs did not offer up the grip level that was needed while making left to right transitions, others would allow the foot to slide off the right side but stay put on the left (directional grooves bad idea), and some were so aggressive that a pair of boots would be wore out in one season of riding.

We wanted something better; something that would offer the freedom of movement during positioning the foot for shifting or braking, yet provide excellent grip while attacking the curves either on the track or your favorite twisty and at the same time not destroy your favorite pair of riding boots.  We made sure we kept them long enough to support the entire sole of the boot yet short enough that you can position the sweet spot on the bottom of your boot at end of the peg for superior grip while turning.  The more aggressive design on the end of the peg also helps to provide the grip needed when making vigorous chicane transitions while the body is in motion over the top of the bike.

Currently we offer these in silver or black and they will need to be paired with the appropriate fold up bracket for the bike. 


If you experience any issues placing an order, please call us at (937) 291-1735.