Vintage Black brake line material from Spiegler Performance Parts only!

By Matthias Schaub

Jan 9, 2014

"Vintage Black" brake lines from Spiegler Performance Parts. Perfect for your classic or custom bike.

They feature an old-school rubber look, just like back in the day.

But made using new-school technology:

Underneath the rubber coating stainless steel braiding wraps around an inner DuPont Teflon line.

No matter what make, model or year Spiegler will build to your specifications.

To customize your lines, choose from any one of 9 fitting colors: Silver, Gold, Chrome, 

Blue, Black, Purple, Red, Green or Titanium.

"Vintage Black" lines from Spiegler.

Old-school look. New-school stopping power.

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If you experience any issues placing an order, please call us at (937) 291-1735.