Magura HC1 Radial Master Cylinder Brake

in Magura

Magura HC1 Radial Master Cylinder Brake

in Magura
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Part #:M2100453
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: Z 400
Remarks: HC1 Radial Brake Master Cylinder 18 mm, Black
Position: Brake
HC1 Radial Brake Master Cylinder 18 mm, Black
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  • Newest Generation of Radial Brake Master Cylinder from MAGURA powered with HCT - Hard Core Technology
  • MAGURA Hard Core Technology (HCT) - The fully patented braking technology from MAGURA reduces the internal friction within the mater cylinder to improve the feeling at the lever. The slotted piston technology reproduces  a multi promary port master to ensure faster pressure balance in th eevent of an 'ABS Kickback'.
  • 70 degree Full Radial Design - pushrod and cylinder at an right angle to the handlebar results in decreased friction and more direct feel at the lever for improved controlled braking.
  • Full ABS Compatibility - MAGURA HCT is approved for continuous use with all ABS systems without loss of performance due to pressure compensation 'ABS Kickback'
  • Advanced Secondary Seal Technology - The rear piston seal has been specially designed to prevent the intrusion of air through secondary seal ingress. The advanced X-Ring seal design will eliminate this problem common on race bikes at higher speeds.
  • Reservoir and Mountig Bracket - The master cylinder is supplied with an external brake fluid reservoir and mounting bracket.
  • Brake Light Switch - Pre installed brake or clutch switch and cable are included
  • German Made and German TUV Approval
  • Banjo Bolt - Banjo bolt and crush washer are included

Available piston diameters:

  • Radial brake: 12mm (short lever); 15mm (long lever); 18mm (long lever)
  • Radial clutch: 12mm (long lever); 13mm (long lever) DOT Fluid
  • Radial clutch: 12mm (long lever); 13mm (long lever) Mineral Oil, suitable for BMW and KTM with mineral oil activation system


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