Mityvac Hand Vacuum Pump MV 8000

Mityvac Hand Vacuum Pump MV 8000

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Part #:MV 8000
Project Difficulty:1/5
Accessory Type: Bleeding Kits

For manual brake and clutch bleeding

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This is the original Mityvac hand vacuum pump kit used by service professionals worldwide for performing hundreds of motorcycle/automotive diagnostic and mechanical tests and for one-person brake bleeding.

It makes it very easy to bleed the brakes or change the brake fluid of your bike; just pump up a vacuum and open a valve to draw the fluid through the system. it is a simple as that. A must have for every bike owner. You should change the brake fluid at least once a year in your brake system.

The MV8000 kit contains our most popular Selectline hand vacuum pump with vacuum gauge and accessories. Kit includes:

Selectline hand vacuum/pressure pump (Model No. MV8000)

  • 4.5 oz. (135 ml) fluid reservoir bottle with fluid transfer and storage lids
  • (3) Tapered adapters for connecting to tubing from 0.09" to 0.2" ID(2.3 mm to 5 mm ID)
  • (2) Universal bleed screw adapters
  • 5/32" ID x 1/4" (4 mm ID x 6.4 mm) tubing adapter
  • 1/4" ID x 1 1/2" long (6.4 mm ID x 40 mm long) connection tube
  • 5/32" ID x 3" long (4 mm ID x 75 mm long) connection tube
  • 1/4" ID x 3 5/8" long (6.4 mm ID x 90 mm long) connection tube
  • 1/4" ID x 24" long (6.4 mm ID x 610 mm long) connection tube
  • User manual - English, French, Spanish, German

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