Motoism Seamless Double Switch with 2 Buttons for 1" handlebar


Motoism Seamless Double Switch with 2 Buttons for 1" handlebar

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Part #:W-MO2205001
Project Difficulty:1/5
Country of Manufacture: Germany
Model: *Any
Remarks: Seamless Double 2 button
Handlebar Diameter: 1 " (25.4mm)
Push Button: 2 Button

MOTOISM 2 Button momentary switch controller

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Seamless 2 button control

The MOTOISM 2 button switch is a universal, high-quality push-button control for handlebars with 1 inch tube diameter in a simple, elegant design. In combination with an electronic push-button control box (not included), these push-buttons can switch all electrical units such as lights, indicators, electric starters, horn and much more. The MOTOISM Switches when paired with a control unit will allow you to control more items with less buttons. This will reduce the clutter on the bar and make a much cleaner design.


  • The fixation on the handlebar (to prevent twisting or slipping) is done with an M4 allen head grub screw.
  • The cables can either be routed through a hole in the handlebar or along the handlebar.

Product Features

  • Made from high performance 3D printing
  • Seamless design
  • Anodized snaps
  • High stability with low weight
  • High-quality lacquer finish in matt black
  • Easy construction

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